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Published 1:48 pm Friday, September 26, 2008

Surely by now you have heard that PoKitties is having their first annual big fundraiser, the PoKitties All Pet Photo Contest. If you have not heard about it, read on — you can win some terrific prizes and help your community too!
Most folks know that I live with cats (sigh) and put up with their silly feline ways, but I am still most sympathetic to their plight. I have been known to use words such as blech and…maybe worse, in regard to cats, but I promised I would not do that here in this column. Cats are treated as second class citizens by some folks and they truly deserve better. After all, some of my best friends are cats!!
Cats are abandoned by people ( not very kind people ) all the time….yep, they just move and leave their cats! And worse still, they leave them not spayed or neutered so they have kittens and the cycle goes on and on…and on….
This is getting to be a real problem, folks, and if we were in doubt before PoKitties was started, we sure arent any longer. There is a waiting list for cats that the PoKitties volunteers need to trap for the program – and it is frighteningly long. The photo contest will raise money to get more feral cats spayed and neutered.
The PoKitties All Pet Photo Contest is a photo contest for ALL pets, not just cats. So far, we have gotten some great photos of dogs, chicks, horses …….but I am not sure we have gotten too many cat photos yet. I just know there are some great cat photos out there somewhere and you can win some great prizes! Not to mention that you get to have a picture of your pet displayed at the Red Clover Gallery in Landrum for the show and Awards Ceremony on October 16th! And dont forget, we have a special category for students, with more really great prizes! And we have category for animals adopted from the Foothills Humane Society! Grab your camera!
So what is there to lose? You get to see a picture of YOUR PET displayed in an art gallery, you get a chance at many really terrific prizes, including a genuine one hundred dollar bill (and a few prizes valued at more than that), you get to come to the reception and see all the cool photos and perhaps best of all, you get to do your part to help with the feral cat over-population problem right here in our community.
It is truly a win-winwin situation. We all win……except, of course, for me….since I am the Official Spokesdog for PoKitties I am not allowed to enter (whine) and my humans have barred me from the reception because there will be food there…yummmm……
All the rules and the Official Entry Form can be found if you go to and click on the link to the photo contest. But hurry! The deadline is September 30 and thats just around the corner!
Dogs Rock!

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