It’s a Matter of (Un)fairness

To the editor: Polk County budget time with a new majority on the board of commissioners (BOC). Take cover, unless you’re a member of the ... Read more

Good things about Columbus Police Department

To the editor: First I would like to start by saying that after all of the criticisms Columbus Police Department has received in the Bulletin ... Read more

TBOM Stamp Out Hunger

To the editor: On behalf of Outreach’s volunteers, staff and Board of Directors, I write to express my deepest gratitude to this community for the ... Read more

Strange days

To the editor: These are strange days indeed in Polk County. The county spends approximately 25 percent of the annual average cost of running an ... Read more

Public comment

To the editor: First, I appreciate the county commissioners who allowed public comment on the proposed budget — even though public comment is not legally ... Read more

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Opinion Columnists

Double murder of Will Center, Harrison Fricks

Twice-told Tale BY Dean Campbell On the early evening of June 19, 1938, three Greenville County deputies—H.C. Harrison, Tom Charles and Frank Reid—were on Dill ... Read more

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Letters to the Editor

Equestrian center’s roses and thorns

To the editor: There seems to have been a veritable spate of good news about the equestrian center recently, with Bob Williamson assuring us that ... Read more

Music in Landrum offers robust performances

To the editor: Music in Landrum has grown to provide a healthy variety of musical offerings to our area. We were treated to two in ... Read more

On robust dialogue

To the editor: The message in the Bulletin of Jan. 7 from Mr. David Kendall was troubling on so many fronts. First, it was shocking ... Read more

Columbus Town Council seeks citizen input on decorations, town events

To the editor: This letter is in response to a letter that appeared in the Dec. 31 issue regarding Christmas lights in the town of ... Read more

Columbus childhood memories dashed

To the editor: Having lived in Columbus from 1950 until 1986, my family and I always look forward to our annual Christmas pilgrimage from South ... Read more