Tryon Daily Bulletin starting weekend edition Saturday, Oct. 5

This community with all of its interesting personalities, busy community organizations, innovative businesses and excelling schools keeps the Tryon Daily Bulletin staff busy around the ... Read more

The phenomena of Tryon

To the editor: The Tryon area has a population of about four or five thousand and Hendersonville has about 75-80,000, yet Tryon has painters and ... Read more

Tourism bolsters Polk, without changing Polk, if we care enough

There are few industries that build the revenue they seek without eating up a considerable amount of resources or altering significantly the area around them. ... Read more

Tryon preying on citizens to raise funds

To the editor: On May 21, 2013, as the budget was being pulled together, the town council of Tryon, voted unanimously to shut off water ... Read more

Department of Social Services (DSS) building not a political football

We’re obviously not engineers, so we’ll refrain from putting our foot in our mouth as to whether or not drastic measures are needed to fix ... Read more

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Opinion Columnists

Good patient stories bring high patient satisfaction scores, bragging rights

It was Monday, July 5, the start of my family vacation planned as part of my recovery from knee surgery, when a visitor came in ... Read more

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Letters to the Editor

Water system what if’s

What if instead of fighting it, we embraced this water contract, but took it to another level, a more advantageous position for Polk County and ... Read more

Thumbs Up! Thank you for supporting fire departments, first responders

I want to personally thank you, your family and the staff of your restaurant for your kindness and generosity to the firefighters and emergency crews ... Read more

Honoring Misses Yale and Vance by sprucing up gravesites

Something came across my computer today that I was really pleased to hear and I would like to mention it to the townspeople of Tryon. ... Read more

Helping is a good thing

Last week Inky Cloud and her daughter lost everything when fire destroyed their home in Tryon. Thank God there was no loss of life. Read more

Why would you give our water away?

Upon my reading the Polk County resolution for a water agreement with ICWD in Friday’s Tryon Daily Bulletin, I found that this Resolution is definitely ... Read more