Tryon Daily Bulletin starting weekend edition Saturday, Oct. 5

This community with all of its interesting personalities, busy community organizations, innovative businesses and excelling schools keeps the Tryon Daily Bulletin staff busy around the ... Read more

The phenomena of Tryon

To the editor: The Tryon area has a population of about four or five thousand and Hendersonville has about 75-80,000, yet Tryon has painters and ... Read more

Tourism bolsters Polk, without changing Polk, if we care enough

There are few industries that build the revenue they seek without eating up a considerable amount of resources or altering significantly the area around them. ... Read more

Tryon preying on citizens to raise funds

To the editor: On May 21, 2013, as the budget was being pulled together, the town council of Tryon, voted unanimously to shut off water ... Read more

Department of Social Services (DSS) building not a political football

We’re obviously not engineers, so we’ll refrain from putting our foot in our mouth as to whether or not drastic measures are needed to fix ... Read more

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Opinion Columnists

Difficult decisions

Sometime last year a poor lady asked if I could help with the fees to put her very sick and old dog to sleep.  ... Read more

Our Columnists

Letters to the Editor

Water bill follies

The article in the Tryon Daily Bulletin dated Sept. 2, 2014 entitled “Tryon to aggressively go after delinquent utility bills” caught my attention as a ... Read more

Seize the opportunity

Robert Williamson, Interim Director of the Polk County Economic Development Commission, recently spoke to the Landrum Area Business Association on the subject of the soon ... Read more

Spelling Bee is irresistible

f you didn’t see Tryon Little Theater’s staging of the “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” this past weekend, you have another chance this ... Read more

Tricks of the trade, tales of BOC meetings

The majority on the Board of Commissioners (BOC) were celebrating at their August 18 meeting. You could feel it in the air. Barely ... Read more

Three minutes is enough

Figured it was time for me to weigh in on the big issue of the three-minute time limit for public comment at the Commission meetings ... Read more