Worry most about asset forfeiture

To the editor: In reference to the article “Residents say too many police checkpoints,” we should all be concerned for the reasons the Arceneaux couple ... Read more

In response to Mr. Gary Poague’s concern

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to a Sept. 18 letter submitted by Gary Poague concerned over commissioner Ray Gasperson not being mentioned in ... Read more

Ammo stockpile real issue

To the editor: I read with interest your Sept. 18 article “Residents Say Too Many Police Checkpoints.” One quote caught my attention by Debbie Arceneaux ... Read more

Discriminating between waterlines on “public” and “private” roads

To the editor: I don’t understand why some of the commissioners are making such a big deal about extending waterlines along “private” roads in Polk ... Read more

Sneaky taxes

To the editor: If you have a licensed vehicle over 30 years old, you will be in for a surprise when you get your next ... Read more

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Fitness is a journey with starts, stops, detours and experiences along the way

As a master personal trainer, I train beginners, intermediates, advanced and even other personal trainers to better their skills, so the tips I’m going to ... Read more

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Letters to the Editor

Why Not Ask Them?

To the Editor: I read with great amusement the articles in the Tryon Daily Bulletin regarding the brouhaha created by Renee “The Voice of the ... Read more

Equine Development

To the Editor Finally someone else in Polk County is worried about the Equine Development. Mr. Giordano’s article was “spot on”. My family was born ... Read more

The death of common sense – part 2

To the Editor: Doesn’t it feel like we’ve lost our way doing things right; the things that made common sense?  Is the difference between right ... Read more

I have many questions

(The following is my statement during the County BOC meeting on March 17, 2014. Also, it’s important to note that I was the only Commissioner ... Read more

Who are the real bullies?

To the editor: Well, now I’ve heard everything! Our County Commissioners are being called “bullies.”  You can’t be serious. I have known and worked with ... Read more