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Arrogance robs Polk County Citizens

Arrogance and lust of power seeped their way into the hearts and minds of man long ago. The same have infiltrated the thoughts of government ... Read more

County manager deserves better

To the editor: Before I begin, I’d like to thank the commissioners for their service to the county and thank them for allowing me to ... Read more

Disgrace to county

To the editor: As a veteran and father of two sons who have served in the military during wartimes. (As well as my father, uncles, ... Read more

Journeymen commended for returning warmth to area homes

Cold winds swept across the private pond on Melrose Mountain and the walls of the little house shook. Then came the darkness. Somewhere, a tree ... Read more

Landrum sets example for many

The City of Landrum has opened up its arms for a big hug for all its employees by putting the Upstate Employee Assistance Program (EAP) ... Read more

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Being proud of Nina Simone

I’d never heard of Nina Simone when I moved to Tryon, but when I looked her up online, I realized I knew and loved many ... Read more

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Letters to the Editor

What a shame

To the editor: The 4th of July festival has been a great event for the towns’ people and visiting guests to bring their families to ... Read more


To the editor: My Letter to the Editor July 16, 2014 In error I wrote “923… Executive Orders” when it should have read 192. Apologize ... Read more

Disparaging small town Southerners

In response to Susan McNabb’s July 10 Tryon Diary – Susan, perhaps you did not mean to disparage small town Southerners in your July 10 “Tryon ... Read more

Thoughts on the July 4 booth

I think all those who attended would agree that the Columbus Fabulous 4th was an exemplary family event, and are most grateful for the amazing ... Read more

A bunch of hills

“There was just a bunch of hills” is how Mark Bellissimo described the area where 1.6 million cubic yards of earth were moved to accommodate ... Read more