Letters to the Editor

More important issues

Michael Gage’s comments with regard to the minutes of a closed session by the prior Board in 2010 seemed to be both childish and petty, ... Read more

Hills of tackiness

This observer/commentator on the local scene has some words for the County Commissioners: Gentlemen (and I use the term advisedly, since my Southern Grandmother who heard ... Read more

The real truth

Answer to Mrs. Renee McDermott’s letter to TDB Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2014 Mrs. McDermott wrote: “Because they’d finally shut down citizen comments.” The truth is public ... Read more

Water bill follies

The article in the Tryon Daily Bulletin dated Sept. 2, 2014 entitled “Tryon to aggressively go after delinquent utility bills” caught my attention as a ... Read more

Seize the opportunity

Robert Williamson, Interim Director of the Polk County Economic Development Commission, recently spoke to the Landrum Area Business Association on the subject of the soon ... Read more

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