Letters to the Editor

Dehumanizing trend of modern politics

To the editor: Recent events are a reminder that we should step back from the dehumanizing trend of modern politics. That trend holds that if ... Read more

America is shamed on July 4

To the Editor: Polk County’s Republican Party staged a shameful display at its booth during the Columbus July fourth celebration. The hate-filled demonstration invited individuals ... Read more

Sick to my stomach and extremely concerned

To the Editor: I have just returned from the Fourth of July Festival in downtown Columbus, NC and feel sick to my stomach and extremely ... Read more

Ruffling horsefeathers

To the Editor, Commissioner Ray Gasperson’s letter to the editor (Economic Policy Folly, Wednesday, July 2, 2014) concerns a proposed Polk County Equine Commission.  The Proposed Economic Development Policy ... Read more

Stealing from the blind

To the Editor, The Columbus Lions have boxes around Our Area for collecting used eyeglasses for redistribution to people who are too poor to even ... Read more

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