Letters to the Editor

Setting the record straight

To the editor: As you know, the Democrats have been very vocal about our GOP booth on July 4. I would like to set the ... Read more

One small window on our world

To the Editor: We view from our breakfast table window a butterfly bush, a patch of clover, shrubs that I’ve allowed to grow down to ... Read more

What a shame

To the editor: The 4th of July festival has been a great event for the towns’ people and visiting guests to bring their families to ... Read more


To the editor: My Letter to the Editor July 16, 2014 In error I wrote “923… Executive Orders” when it should have read 192. Apologize ... Read more

Disparaging small town Southerners

In response to Susan McNabb’s July 10 Tryon Diary – Susan, perhaps you did not mean to disparage small town Southerners in your July 10 “Tryon ... Read more

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