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Appreciation for Polk County Animal Control officers

To the editor: Foothills Humane Society often receives calls requesting intervention by Polk County’s animal control. Occasionally the caller has given in to frustration when ... Read more

“Nina” film being ignored?

To the editor: Where are you, people of Tryon? A beautiful film about one of our most famous residents (one who was born and raised ... Read more

Big Pharma, money and our ignorance

The nature of healing is all about the nature of knowing (Robert Shapiro). So true, so true. The other night I watched ‘60 Minutes.’ Within that ... Read more

Community Chorus concert a unique, delightful treat

To the editor: I feel compelled to write to you about today’s performance by the Community Chorus because Fran and I enjoyed it so much. ... Read more

Common sense lacking in America today

To the editor: In response to Paul Nordan’s April 17 letter to the editor, no, Mr. Nordan, it is not just you alone sensing a ... Read more

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