Twice Told – Dean Campbell

Mad dog causes 1882 holiday season tragedy

Around midnight on a late November 1882 evening, Levi Bowers was startled awake by squealing chickens. He figured a fox or weasel had gotten into ... Read more

‘Preacher Jim’ Howard was a beloved man of God and the Dark Corner

Perhaps no one “born and raised” in Glassy Mountain township can equal the definitive Everyman persona of James Alexander Howard. Born at the foot of ... Read more

Whatever happened to your dad’s alligator?

“I thoroughly enjoy your Dark Corner tales in the Bulletin every month, but…” and here, the slightly graying, fortyish fellow in the Wells Fargo parking ... Read more

Annular eclipse of 1831 was highly anticipated

The Farmer’s Almanac was second only to the Bible with folks in the mountains of the Dark Corner and other Appalachian regions. In its pages ... Read more

‘It’s awful hard to scare a fearless man’

Another ghost story often told by Scout Executive Lawrence L. Stanley during Camp Old Indian campfires happened to a member of his family in the ... Read more

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