Twice Told – Dean Campbell

Moonshine with herbs cured pellagra

In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, pellagra (a severe Vitamin B3, or niacin, deficiency) was very common among poor Americans whose diets included an ... Read more

Reuben Gosnell U.S. Marshall

Reuben Gosnell, U.S. Marshall and a ubiquitous revenuer. The last thirteen years prior to his retirement, Reuben Gosnell served as a U.S. Marshall, having received ... Read more

‘Lorena’ best loved ballad by Dixie boys in War Between the States

Walking from my car to the Wells Fargo branch in Landrum, I was startled by a chiding voice that said “You haven’t included any Rebel ... Read more

Mystery of what spooked horses never solved

There was a spot on Highway 14 (the old Rutherford Road, named for General Griffith Rutherford who fought in the Battle of Kings Mountain) on ... Read more

Earliest Scots-Irish families to the Dark Corner

“I finally got to see your Dark Corner documentary during the Christmas holiday,” said a friend from Piedmont, “and learned a lot of things I ... Read more

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