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Don’t raise your personal debt ceiling

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, I don’t have to tell you that the issue of the federal debt ceiling and our out of ... Read more

Are you paying too much for your Medicare drug plan

As a senior, I was thrilled when I finally became eligible for Medicare. And with that benefit, I found that I had several decisions to ... Read more

Creating a retirement savings plan that works

In this economy, with food and fuel prices so high, it’s tough for many people to think about, let alone actually execute, a plan for ... Read more

Aging well and avoiding injuries as we age

Most of us know of an elderly person who continues to amaze us by living alone, remaining active and continuing to be in reasonably good ... Read more

I’m old – I don’t want this anymore

I just got out of rehab this week following total hip replacement surgery. While in rehab, I witnessed a very sad reality of getting old. ... Read more

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