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Panel says ‘no’ to prostate cancer screening

Well, no surprise here, the same type of government sponsored panel that not too long ago said that younger women don’t need mammograms has done ... Read more

For many never-married boomers, future looks lonely

There are some interesting statistics about the 78 million or so Baby Boomers, and those numbers don’t paint the type of picture many boomers are ... Read more

What is a do not resuscitate order?

Recently, I discussed advance directives and the purpose they serve. There’s actually another form of advance directive that is available, typically to the very ill, ... Read more

Understanding strokes, avoiding becoming a statistic

You’ve had a stroke. Not exactly the words you’d like to hear.  Most of us don’t know much about strokes. We just know that we ... Read more

What are advance directives and why do I need them?

Perhaps you’ve heard the term advance directives, but don’t know for certain what that term means, or fully understand why it’s important that virtually everyone, ... Read more

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