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Are you really ready to retire

Retirement – it’s one thing to be working and to occasionally think about it, but another to actually be facing retirement. A key question becomes, ... Read more

Hidden costs of being a family caregiver

Recently, I wrote about assisted living facilities for people with memory issues, but the reality remains that most people want to or have to remain ... Read more

Healthcare rationing with IPAB means trouble for seniors

Several years ago, then vice president candidate Sarah Palin made her famous prediction about Obamacare’s Independent Patient Advisory Board would be akin to “death panels.” ... Read more

Most Americans die having almost no savings

Here’s a very scary thought, and in light of today’s economic situation, it really brings home a stark reality. Between 1993 and 2008, a Market ... Read more

Obesity laws could be in your future

Here’s a headline you may soon hear as our healthcare costs continue to explode: “Take Your Health into Your Own Hands or the Government Will ... Read more

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