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How to find the best reacher grabber tool

Dear Savvy Senior, What kinds of reacher grabber tools can you recommend for seniors who need help picking things up off the ground. I bought ... Read more

How to Protect Your Medicare Card from Identity Theft

Dear Savvy Senior, I just turned 65 and received my Medicare card. I see that the ID number on my card is the same as ... Read more

When to See a Geriatrician

Dear Savvy Senior, What kinds of health problems do geriatricians treat? My mother, who’s 80, takes several different medications for various health problems, but she ... Read more

Top Rated New Vehicles for Seniors

Dear Savvy Senior, Can you recommend any credible resources that rate the best vehicles for older drivers? My wife and I are both in our ... Read more

How To Make an Online Memorial for a Departed Loved One

An online memorial is a website created for a deceased person that provides a central location where their family and friends can visit to share ... Read more

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