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Take your time and do it right

So you retired, sold your home and moved to one of our fine communities in Polk County to live out your dream retirement. Now you ... Read more

Marketing gone amuck

Sometimes you have to wonder what the real message of a marketing campaign is exactly. We live in a society where there are few restrictions ... Read more

The Fiscal Cliff, governance and guns

Well, here we are; the epitome of political brinksmanship is now. By the time you read this there may be some deals on the so-called ... Read more

The politics of water

Elected leaders often speak of their visions for our future in an attempt to garner our votes.  Typically they speak of things that they have ... Read more

Offense or defense?

Our success as a Nation and our success as human beings is complex.  If you’re looking for simple solutions or approaches to our human existence ... Read more

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