Publisher’s Notebook – Betty Ramsey

Publisher’s Notebook

I first met Lennie Rizzo four and a half years ago. Long a treasure of our area, I had no idea what a real gem ... Read more

Publisher’s Notebook

Mothers Day is a day we celebrate and give thanks to the woman/women in our life who, in many circumstances, have had more to do ... Read more

The sounds of horses

In some places the hills are alive with the sound of music; In our area the hills have been alive with the sounds of horses. ... Read more

Publisher’s Notebook

As I write this note the weather is everything we hope spring to be. Sun filled skies dotted with big puffy clouds, trees and ... Read more

Hunger Action Month and Outreach

Mary was a professional, with a good job and a middle class lifestyle. Then one day, one of the ripple effects of the great ... Read more

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