How seniors can quit smoking with the help of Medicare

Dear Savvy Senior, Can Medicare help me quit smoking? I just turned 65, and would like to quit but need some help. Coughing Connie Read more

Holiday eating myths less fact and more fiction

Well, the holidays are soon upon us, and food is such a huge part of the celebration. The problem can be two fold for many ... Read more

Remembering Julie and Burley . . . and Mr. Singley

Retired school secretary Lula Burrell called me as soon as she read my last column to remind me that Mr. Singley followed Mr. Caldwell as ... Read more

Fall chores and my Energizer Bunny lawnmower

Monday morning found me down on hands and knees on the bedroom rug, crawling unceremoniously around the bed hunting a pair of leather ... Read more

Houston, we’ve got a problem

Okay, let’s see what happened this week: The senate changed hands, US Weekly reports that Bruce Jenner is now free to live as a woman and... Human ... Read more

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Publisher's Notebook

Hunger Action Month and Outreach

Mary was a professional, with a good job and a middle class lifestyle. Then one day, one of the ripple effects of the great ... Read more

Tryon Daily Bulletin wins state press association awards

The Tryon Daily Bulletin won 9 awards in the North Carolina Press Association’s 2013 News, Editorial & Photo Journalism and Advertising Contests (Daily Division 12,500 ... Read more