The basics of trolling for fish

People in general, view trolling with great diversity. It seems to be the accepted common practice for catching many species of fish, and shunned and ... Read more

The “Polk Eats Locally” week-long challenge begins Sunday

A handful of Mill Spring Ag center staff and office residents recently challenged themselves to two weeks of local eating only. Ag Center Director, Patrick ... Read more

The Tryon Post Office is the place to be

I went to the Donald Trump School of Public Speaking, which is where I learned to “Be loud and never apologize to an audience.” Read more

Don’t let good weekday eating habits fall apart on weekends

If you’re like many, the weekend is a time to spend time with friends, go to church, or catch up on activities you can’t get ... Read more

I’m about to go ‘all Hollywood’ up on this place

‘So how does it feel to be going back to Hollywood?’ I've been gently asked of late, by friends (well, hell, when you live in ... Read more

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Publisher's Notebook

Fourth of July weekend safety tips

At the mention of the Fourth of July, I begin to anticipate barbecue, fresh corn, the gathering of family and friends, and of course fireworks. ... Read more

Going the extra mile

Who in today’s world hasn’t been stressed out trying to juggle all the to do’s on our list? I’m not a betting “man” but if ... Read more