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Arming the verbal crossbow for a battle of wits

Shauna White, a comely blonde reporter based in Toronto, Canada, is featured in a video that has now gone ‘viral’ around the world, showing first ... Read more

Let’s just give Facebook a break, ok?

There are those that say, with some validation, that social media, particularly Facebook, is notoriously narcissistic: “it’s all about me, me, me- my fabulous children, ... Read more

It’s not that I’m saying I’m the world’s best speller.

Someone who came in around the middle of the pack during grade school spelling bees (a ‘pack’ being a classroom of 20 students) certainly can’t ... Read more

High dollar wedding on a dime

High dollar wedding on a dime

I know a bride that just threw the most lavish wedding, one of two: her husband is English and within days of their respective, “I ... Read more

It’s going to be a long week

It’s going to be a long week

I write this column from the office I will be occupying for the next 5 days while the battered floors of our IHOP are being ... Read more

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