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You can’t win if you don’t enter

It doesn’t matter how many times I beat my fists on the table or whine and moan, the fact is I made light of last ... Read more

You had me at ‘a town in Ireland with 52 pubs’

“I think,” I announced to Paul after watching an episode of ‘Travels with Rick Steves,’ “We must consider retiring to Ireland.” “I thought you were ... Read more

Murder Most Civilized

The dichotomy of how I can be appalled by the lead story on the local news being about some terrible murder, followed by details of ... Read more

Potty Patrol coming to a North Carolina bathroom near you

This recent legislation that was allegedly hustled through in North Carolina, opposers will tell you, is far less about bathrooms and far more about the ... Read more

What do you buy a couple that throws a billion dollar wedding?

I had to read the online, European headline twice before I believed my eyes but there it was: ‘Oligarch’s billion dollar wedding for 28 year ... Read more

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