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Weather forecasting, Southern style

“You know what they say,” pretty much any Southerner will tell you during the winter. “If you hear thunder, then you’ll have snow within seb’n ... Read more

Waiting patiently for some good TV shows

Every few weeks I give a riding lesson to a student who resides in … wait for it … Papua New Guinea! I have to ... Read more

Six month lay-up not as easy as it sounds

Six month lay-up not as easy as it sounds

Looking to all the world as if he is sporting the world’s worst bikini wax, my young ex-race horse, Forrest, having just received an ultrasound ... Read more

Oh, the things I’ll do for my dog Bonnie!

When you sleep with an old dog… …Now listen, if you’re going to think like that, I’m going to turn this column around and drive ... Read more

Women: Don’t write off the BOFs

Talk about throwing down the gauntlet! In the past week, actress Kirstie Alley, 64, has turned up on quite a few television shows as she ... Read more

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