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Alone beneath a three quarter moon and splintered stars…

My mother began to receive hospice care a little over a week ago. As with the cruelty of the disease, while her body remains surprisingly ... Read more

“The Book of Totems,” a sign of nobility and strength

I’m pretty sure I don’t owe any of them money, but evidently, I’ve got dead relatives hanging out all around my house. Cardinals, you see- ... Read more

“I’m not an actor, I’m just a comic who happens to act.”

It’s not unusual for me to receive a couple of requests each week for speaking engagements or to perform stand-up for charitable events. My pet ... Read more

Tiny houses 

If I didn’t have this farm, if I hadn’t led the life I’ve led, I would absolutely be embracing the new movement quietly sweeping through ... Read more

A two-year old is kind of like having a blender

In all my years of watching the stand-up comedy of Jerry Seinfeld, beginning in 1984, I believe the best joke he ever wrote was a ... Read more

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