Grassroots – Chris Jakubowicz

Another life–lesson learned from kids

"Grassroots" by Chris Jakubowicz I don’t ever want to grow up – no, no, never, never, no way. Read more

Chickens and Ukranian wisdom

"Grassroots" by Chris Jakubowicz Philosophical ideas often come from odd sources. Read more

High fives and high flies

"Grassroots" by Chris Jakubowicz Does your child ever remind you of yourself? I’m starting to see my son is a regular chip off the ‘ol ... Read more

Chocolate noses cure for modern life

Sometimes getting back to our grassroots as human beings can be the difference between chocolate noses and staring blankly at a TV or computer screen ... Read more

Grounding life with simple pleasures

By grounded I mean re-centering ourselves. Now and then we should all get back to the basics of life; re-connect with our source and what ... Read more

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