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Sharing fascinating food trivia with clients, readers

One subject that obviously comes up often with clients is food. Today I thought we'd have some fun and let me share with you some ... Read more

What is metabolism and how does it affect weight loss?

Why is it, some folks can eat everything in sight, and not gain an ounce, while others can look at a candy bar and gain ... Read more

Metabolism and its relationship to body fat, weight loss

In their quest for information on losing weight, many folks run across countless results on how to fire up, increase, jump-start, engage and speed up ... Read more

Interesting and fun facts about fruit and vegetables

Most folks agree we all need several servings of fruits and vegetables each day. The amounts I recommend are, for children two to eight years ... Read more

Exercising tips, injury prevention for the elderly

Today, more and more seniors are participating in sports related activities. That’s great! I’ve witnessed some true physical transformations in those who didn’t even begin ... Read more

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