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Give your eating regimen the flavorful, nutritional boost it needs.

Our society today seems almost obsessed with counting calories, subtracting fat grams, and dividing portions. In and of itself, this isn’t a bad thing. However, ... Read more

Fitness is a journey with starts, stops, detours and experiences along the way

As a master personal trainer, I train beginners, intermediates, advanced and even other personal trainers to better their skills, so the tips I’m going to ... Read more

Metabolism – Fat is the fuel, our liver is the furnace

These days you can hardly pick up any health book or magazine without reading something about “How to raise your metabolism”. That stuff’s everywhere. Thing ... Read more

Alkalizing your body improves all bodily functions

The trend these days is for folks to  get fit, and stay healthy, but there’s one healthful aspect many overlook. Their body’s  pH. Technically speaking, ... Read more

Sweet tooth: a liking, fondness, or of craving sweet foods

Merriam-Webster’s definition of sweet tooth reads … “a liking, fondness, or of craving sweet foods.” As you’ve learned from me before, you can’t burn body ... Read more

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