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Habits we think are good for us, might not be

In our efforts to get in shape and stay healthy, many of us tend to stick to habits that not only tend to hinder progress, ... Read more

Calcium, fatty acid, fiber, vitamin B12

While it’s true we need a full spectrum of nutrients for our good health, I’d like to show you four nutrients that not only make ... Read more

Alkalizing foods maintain acid in our bodies, diets and staying healthy

So many folks, theses days are trying to get fit, and stay healthy, but there is one aspect many overlook. Body P.H. The P.H. scale ... Read more

Sweet tooth? Understanding the craving, watching the sugar intake

Merriam-Webster’s definition of sweet tooth reads, “a liking, fondness, or of craving sweet foods.” As we’ve learned before, you can’t burn or “metabolize” body fat ... Read more

What’s the best way to buy fruits and vegetables?

During this time of year, many people’s thoughts turn to mouth-watering fruits and vegetables. By far, the most nutritious fruits and veggies come strait from ... Read more

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