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Get the children outside and let the dogs go with them

“Ruby has been adopted by a lovely family, with a fenced-in yard and GREAT pet medical history and references. I feel certain that she will ... Read more

Philanthropists donate priceless gifts to community

Yesterday I was paying bills, putting away Christmas presents and going through the stack of papers on my desk. While reading through a grant award ... Read more

Bullying permeates culture

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Joan Nash at the swimming pool where we both swim occasionally. It had been years since I’d ... Read more

Sustainable farming for a sustainable planet

By Betsy Burdett This column is being written from Antigua, Guatemala. I came with my friend Peg Henneke. Peg came to be with her daughter, ... Read more

What amazing things a bulldozer can do

For years I have bemoaned the fact that people move to this part of the country because it is so beautiful, then change their piece ... Read more

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