Birdbox – Simon Thompson

Purple martins – our first spring migrants

"The Bird Box" by Simon Thompson Purple martins are the largest of our swallows and amongst the most familiar of birds for many country people. Read more

Owls in Western North Carolina

"The Bird Box" by Simon Thompson Owls: The very name conjures up visions, not all good, as for centuries owls have been associated with death, ... Read more

Talking about our ‘blue’ birds

"The Bird Box" by Simon Thompson Here in the foothills and southern mountains of western North Carolina we have three species of “blue” birds to ... Read more

Barn owls, man possess ancient connection

"The Bird Box" by Simon ThompsonThe Barn Owl is one of the few birds that are found throughout the world. Read more

Shade Coffee – a hope for migratory birds

"The Birdbox" by Simon Thompson Coffee is delicious and for some of us, an essential start to the day. And on a cold winter morning, ... Read more

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