Let’s just give Facebook a break, ok?

There are those that say, with some validation, that social media, particularly Facebook, is notoriously narcissistic: “it’s all about me, me, me- my fabulous children, ... Read more

One step forward, two steps sideways

Paul, in his endless quest for peak physical fitness, has downloaded a new app called Stepwise for his phone. It acts as a pedometer, counting ... Read more

Bios Urn takes recycling to a whole new level

It’s not that I look forward to my own death (except during pledging on PBS and emptying the dishwasher), but I am very pleased a ... Read more

Critiquing the cooking shows like an armchair baker

"I'll bet adding a bit of fennel or caraway seed to that would be marvelous," I mused, as Paul and I settled in with our wine ... Read more

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