Singing families chose ballad as their theme song

Dark Corner families that had two or more members, who  blended in close harmony when singing old ballads and spiritual ballads/hymns, invariably chose a particular ... Read more

Ward infant killed during war between distillers

During the fiercest fighting between illicit distillers themselves and Revenue Agents during the 1870s and 1880s, a number of innocent people were killed or severely ... Read more

One moonshiner trained steers to help in his operation

One of the less widely known tales of the Dark Corner is the one about an unnamed, yet enterprising, moonshiner in the old Terry Creek ... Read more

Family genealogy – an inexact, exact science

Some of us, who have a calling to research many areas of history, can sometimes cringe when confronted by an ultra-dedicated, family genealogist. The cringe ... Read more

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