Reuben Gosnell U.S. Marshall

Reuben Gosnell, U.S. Marshall and a ubiquitous revenuer. The last thirteen years prior to his retirement, Reuben Gosnell served as a U.S. Marshall, having received ... Read more

‘Lorena’ best loved ballad by Dixie boys in War Between the States

Walking from my car to the Wells Fargo branch in Landrum, I was startled by a chiding voice that said “You haven’t included any Rebel ... Read more

Mystery of what spooked horses never solved

There was a spot on Highway 14 (the old Rutherford Road, named for General Griffith Rutherford who fought in the Battle of Kings Mountain) on ... Read more

Earliest Scots-Irish families to the Dark Corner

“I finally got to see your Dark Corner documentary during the Christmas holiday,” said a friend from Piedmont, “and learned a lot of things I ... Read more

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