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Patrolman Anthony killed while transporting prisoners

Two incidents of deputies being killed during the transport of prisoners have been covered in previous tales. A South Carolina Highway Patrolman, Fulton H. Anthony, ... Read more

Tippin’s blackberry wine versus the Corner’s peach brandy

On Valentine’s Day in February, 2016, Stonehaus Winery of Crossville, Tenn., located on top of the state’s Cumberland Plateau, is introducing Aaron Tippin Country Jam, ... Read more

Deputy Frank Reid was a family man

Frank Reid was a Gowensville native who served as Deputy Sheriff of Greenville County in the Dark Corner area. He partnered for a number of ... Read more

Recalling older Dark Corner Christmas superstitions

Before soldiers returned to the mountains of North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky after World War I, and related how Christmases were celebrated in ... Read more