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“That’s Life!” ~ Frank Sinatra   Dear Reader, I’ll admit to losing count of how many columns over the years I’ve written about ordinary-everyday-things: from ... Read more

Rainy summertime mornings with coffee cup and old robe

A sleepy summer morning rises with dawn as silver drizzle rustles gently through leaves. Soft breezes drift like memory through delicate lace curtains - an ... Read more

Grateful to make it home to Saluda from the big city

Decorated from top to bottom for this Saturday's Coon Dog Day, Saluda wears her best summer finery with banners, flags, bright flowers sparkling along historic ... Read more

Where did June go? How did July get here?

I'm still scratching my noggin on how quickly July arrived, pushing June out the door with cicada songs, lazy hammock swinging, red-ripe watermelon, and fireworks ... Read more

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