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There are some ‘good eggs’ at the farmers market

Another warm summer afternoon found me down with tote bag in hand, shopping at our Saluda tailgate market as breezes and sun played over mounds ... Read more

Once it’s gone, folks, it’s gone

There are two big things sitting on my little mind today, dear reader, and as I type your column up, I thought I'd share them ... Read more

Bittersweet whisper of nameless things lost, remembered

The time of butterflies arrives in Saluda: yellow, black, blue, orange, flitting, perching, dancing among flowers, visiting on old front porches. Subtle changes in sun, ... Read more

An old truck doesn’t ask for much

August arrives in Saluda, her dusty suitcases packed with summer heat, trailing lush green tendrils along woodland paths, remnants of Queen Anne's lace, dancing butterflies ... Read more

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