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Home ownership uplifts Habitat partners

“Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful,” Pat Morrison said, because she has found a warm and secure home thanks to her own hard work and the goodness of ... Read more

Tax law increases many ticket prices including Tryon Theatre’s

Tax law increases many ticket prices including Tryon Theatre’s

Barry Flood had no desire to raise ticket prices in 2014 at the Tryon Theatre, but state legislators had other plans. “I don’t want to ... Read more

Giving year round

When my son was 4-years-old he won the Christmas stocking at a local grocery store, 8-feet-tall and so big that it barely fit into my ... Read more

Columbus police department reports 344 calls in November

In November 2013, Columbus Police responded to 344 calls. The calls included 43 suspicious vehicles and 14 suspicious persons, plus 11 stranded motorists and three ... Read more

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