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One small window on our world

Published 12:16pm Friday, July 25, 2014

To the Editor:
We view from our breakfast table window a butterfly bush, a patch of clover, shrubs that I’ve allowed to grow down to the ground for cover, plenty of trees of all sizes, and a portion of our gravel driveway. We also have a birdbath and hummingbird feeder. We strew stale breadcrumbs along the edge of the gravel.
So we get to see a squirrel do his morning exercise run from limb to limb and up and down the trees, a little rabbit cautiously eat his fill of clover, Mrs. Cardinal have a splashy bath, beautifully colored butterflies tasting their bush, and the little hummers dashing about, arguing over who gets to drink.
Three crows stop by regularly to pick up a few crumbs. I know it is the same three because one of them apparently has COPD—he walks around with his beak open. One of them will pick up hard bread and put it in the birdbath to soften it before eating it. Another picked up three pieces in succession, stacking them in his beak, before flying up to devour them on a bare tree branch.
Just another small joy of living in the paradise that is our area.
- Garland O. Goodwin, Columbus

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