Thanks is what they deserve

Published 10:00pm Monday, July 14, 2014

To the Editor:

This is in response to the author of the letter titled “Sick to my stomach and Extremely Concerned.”

I was also in attendance at the 4th of July celebration in Columbus and I saw the booth you are talking about.

Everyone has an opinion and they are entitled to it. I believe in the right to express personal opinions as long as it is in a manner that is not physically hurting someone.

I am shocked that you consider children throwing softballs at a water-dunking tank… Disrespectful and would say they were “being taught to disrespect adults in general.”

That is laughable, the presidents face is on posters, toilet paper, garbage cans and many other products that some would find offensive.

I say, oh well, when you are in the public eye you are a target for both positive and negative attention. I allowed my children to partake in the festivities; they were throwing softballs at a dunking booth, not at “adults.”

It was 90 degrees outside and I think they just wanted to feel the splash of water.

When we were younger and would go to the carnival, there was always a dunking booth with a clown and it was done then as it was on July 4th in good fun.

I am not going to get political and talk about the state of our country because of the policies the president has put into place and no one at the dunking booth was doing that either.

Plain and simple, the Republicans who sponsored and ran the booth truly care about America and Polk County.

They know a fun and successful festival helps our local economy.

I am very happy and proud to live in this community and I feel secure as a parent to allow my children (ages 11 and 14) to walk around town, ride the rides and have fun without my having to watch over them at all times. I know they are safe here.

Columbus Town Clerk Devon LaFramboise, the entire Town of Columbus and Polk County worked very hard and do a wonderful job at putting this event together every year for this great American holiday. A big thanks is what they deserve.

– Karla Kachadoorian, Columbus

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