Bicycles are considered vehicles

Published 8:03am Wednesday, June 18, 2014

To the Editor:
Please cease printing local bicyclist Bruce Heckelman’s letters as he is utilizing this forum to encourage your readers and my neighbors to break the law for (In his own words) his own enjoyment. In his recent letter to the editor, Heckelman wrote, “My suggestion is please drivers, use some common sense. Doesn’t it make sense to move away from the bicyclist and possibly over a double, no passing line or face the consequences of jeopardizing the safety of the bicyclist who is only asking for a couple of feet of pavement to enjoy his ride?” To set the record straight, Heckelman intentionally (or ignorantly) misrepresented the contents of my prior letter. I offered no opinion whatsoever, nor did I fail to relate that bicyclists’ have the legal right to share the road with automobiles. As a matter of fact, quite the opposite. To remind Mr. Heckelman, I specifically stated, “bicycles are considered vehicles. (see, N.C. Gen. Statute(s) 20-4.01 and 20-171).” I then stated, “pursuant to N.C. Gen. Statute 20-150 [a] motorist may not drive left of the center of the highway to pass a vehicle, [including a bicycle] (emphasis added), … where the Department of Transportation has indicated passing should not be attempted.” Regardless of Mr. Heckelman’s opinion of the law, the law is the law. If he doesn’t like the law, he should run (or ride his bicycle) for a seat in Raleigh. If he wants to give legal advice, he can go to college for seven years and then sit for the State Bar exam.
– Scott H. Sheffron,
Esq., Columbus

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