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Change of plans

Published 5:26pm Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sweet Aurora was due to go back to F.H.S., but there isn’t any room yet, that’s okay, a little more recouping can’t hurt.  Aurora’s bill will come up a bit but you folks have been fantastic.

Adam, Macho’s owner, is an ex-soldier who now works at the F.H.S. (photo submitted by Leonard Rizzo).
Adam, Macho’s owner, is an ex-soldier who now works at the F.H.S. (photo submitted by Leonard Rizzo).

The initial bill was a little over $1,000 but Landrum shaved a few hundred to help. I have received a bit over $600 just from folks saying, “This is for Aurora.” I have only $200 left to pay so now I have enough for Macho.  Before I go on about Macho, the main reason for this tale, you must meet Aurora; I promise you she’d be the perfect loving family pet.
Macho was due to have his first knee repaired last Thursday but circumstances led me to have to cancel his operation. Before I explain the reasons, a little background is in order.
Adam, Macho’s owner, is an ex-soldier who now works at the F.H.S. Macho and Esko, who came later, are his number one companions.
Those who have read my columns through the years are well aware of my devotion to the soldiers and their dogs. I believe the Good Lord laid this case before me just for that reason. Over and above all that, big Adam is easy to like and beautiful Macho is just as loving as my magnificent Aurora.
Last Thursday, about an hour before Adam and I were to leave for Macho’s operation, Elaine received a phone call while I was at breakfast at T.J.’s.  Elaine called the diner and gave me the message. “Lennie, Adam is on his way to the airport, he’s going to Texas.
It seems that one of his boys was involved in the Fort Hood shooting.” “Alright sweetheart,” I replied, “say a prayer for him and I’ll handle everything else.” As I made cancellations everyone involved was more than understanding.
I have recently spoken with Adam and assured him that all will be okay for Macho and we are rescheduled for Thursday April 15.  I learned that his soldier buddy was shot through the neck but is out of critical condition. His vocal cords were damaged and he won’t be able to speak for a year.  I asked if Adam he was alright and he said he was. I told him extra prayers are going out for his friend and all involved.
It is an honor to help both Macho and Adam, but even more than that, it is an honor to know them.
Thanks for listening.

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