He wasn’t talking to you

Published 7:26pm Thursday, March 27, 2014

He wasn’t talking
to you

To the Editor:
There has been much negative response in the Tryon Daily Bulletin about the invocation offered by Pastor Thomas Olson, at the Presidents Day, County Commissioners Meeting, Feb. 17, 2014. After reading his prayer, offered on behalf of the commissioners, the spiritual needs of America and society in general, I am thankful for his prayer. Also I have read some of the responses to his well meaning prayer offered to God, on behalf of each of us. Therefore, I gladly offer the following response. Jesus Christ said, Prayer is asking, seeking, knocking. Luke 11: 9 In essence, requesting from God certain mercies, favors, blessings, etc.
It seems that some well-meaning people, who have responded in a negative way to the prayer of Pastor Olson, are not very familiar with God, His word and the condition of our world.
Those negative responses also, reveal that many people know very little about what prayer is and who it is addressed to. When some 91 % of Christians surveyed, said they never read the Bible, how much do those who have never been transformed by Gods saving grace read it?
Those who do not know what the Bible teaches can not be a proper judge of whether his prayer was proper to be offered to God or not. Therefore, it is no ones business what he prayed for!
God’s attributes are many. He is merciful, gracious, loving, forgiving, saving, holy, eternal, self-existing, but He is also a God of judgment and wrath. These are just a few of his Divine, infinite, attributes. His eternal, essence, is Holiness.
God is Holy and he associates himself only with those who endeavor to live holy lives! No one is perfect, but we can, by Gods help and mercy, endeavor to follow biblical instructions after being born again by repentance and confession of personal sins, making Jesus Lord of our lives.
The invocation that Pastor Olson addressed to God, spoke to the needs of our world, of America, of Polk County, of individuals, who need to experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ.
The Bible reveals God’s will and if we are going against the instructions of the Bible about how individuals and society are to live, we are against God!
I commend Pastor Olson for his concern for our country, for the Commissioners, for Polk County residents, for society as a whole. In his prayer, he spoke to God about our needs.
Thank you Pastor Olson, for praying for our country, for praying for our leaders, for praying for individuals, for praying that God will have mercy upon us all! Since prayer is addressed to God, those who were offended at the prayer were offended at the Bible, God’s word! And therefore offended at God and his truths!
The Bible teaches, “ all unrighteousness is sin.” I John 5: 17. We cannot pick and choose the parts we like and don’t like. Choosing what we think is sin or not sin. God’s word is the final authority! His word is settled forever in heaven.
Psalm 119: 89 “Forever, 0 Lord, thy word is settled in heaven.” Had Pastor Olson, not mentioned some of the sins that are rampant across our nation and in Polk County, his prayer would not have made the evening news nor the TDB!
While in ministerial school, we opened the morning class with prayer, led by one of the students.
One morning a student was praying at the opening of the class. He did not pray very loud and after the prayer, one of the students asked the professor to have those who led in prayer, to pray loud enough until all the students could hear him.
The response of the professor was, “Sir he was not talking to you!” To those who were offended by the invocation of Pastor Olson, he was not talking to you! He was not talking to the county Commissioners. He was not talking to those present at the meeting. He was not talking to those who have read about his invocation in the Tryon Daily Bulletin or heard about in on the evening news, He was talking to God!
– Rev. J. Hubert
Street Director of Missions, Polk Baptist Association

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