Before condemning expenses of running a charity…

Published 6:18pm Tuesday, March 25, 2014

To the Editor:
In response to the letter from Mr. Robert Veh, which appeared in the Tryon Daily Bulletin on Friday, March 21:
I am proud to respond to say that, next to my church, my next largest donation is to the Wounded Warrior Project.
Before Mr. Veh condemns expenses of the good folks that run that charity, it might be well that he examine the good work that they do for the wounded warriors or Iraq and Afghanistan. (Over 48,000).
Before you condemn the expenses of running a charity, it might be well to examine huge charities like the Red Cross and see the salaries that they pay.
If the Wounded Warriors Project veterans whose stories appear on their TV ads do not pull at your heart and bring tears to your eyes, then just contribute someplace else and please withhold your condemnation to yourself. Those veterans who have given so much for all of us deserve better than your letter.
No charity that I know of can operate without appealing to the love  and understanding of its donors.

- John Allen Albree, Columbus

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