Shocked by bullying

Published 6:20pm Tuesday, March 18, 2014

To the editor:
I was shocked and disappointed by the actions of four county commissioners who used bullying methods to get rid of a county commissioner during a closed session meeting.  I feel by taking this action, all ideas were not part of the decision making process.
During a closed session, a decision was made by four county commissioners to hire an assistant county manager. This decision would have cost the taxpayers a great deal of extra money.
The county manager, who served Polk County for eight years and then left to serve our country wanted to come back after completion of his military service. The four county commissioners decided to pay him off rather than hiring him as county manager.  I feel this is also a form of bullying. Is this how we should treat our service people?
Are the four commissioners trying to bully anyone who disagrees with them?

– Virginia Walker,
Mill Spring

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