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Disagree with commissioner’s recollecton

Published 1:14am Monday, March 3, 2014

To the editor:

This is to respond to the recent article in the Tryon Daily Bulletin reporting that commissioner Ray Gasperson was “kicked out” of the closed session during the Feb. 17 board of commissioners meeting.

I completely disagree with commissioner Gasperson’s recollection of what occurred during the Feb. 17 closed session.

However, my personal integrity and the public trust placed with me as a commissioner prevent me from taking issue with his specific statements, no matter how incorrect and improper I know them to be.

The purpose of having a closed session is to permit me and my fellow commissioners to engage in free and open discussions amongst ourselves on certain, very limited topics.

We should not have to fear that our closed session conversations will be prematurely disclosed.

Disclosure of closed session discussions violates the mutual trust allowing for open discussion and the free exchange of ideas.

One commissioner not agreeing with what is being discussed in close session does not give him or her the liberty to discuss that item outside the meeting.

– Ted Owens, Columbus

  • gpgoodrich16

    The majority of our County Commissioners are trying to pull off a major coup. As a person of faith, I don’t believe in coincidences. Can you imagine what they might have pulled off if it had not been for the seizure and resultant traffic accident that occurred on Feb. 17th? The BOC are bound and determined to put the acting County Manager into the position permanently and I don’t believe for a minute that Ryan Whitson had a sudden change of heart about coming back to resume his duties. Do not for a minute believe that being exposed will deter our Commissioners from contining their plans to consolidate their power to run this county. I am thankful that there are enough interested and concerned citizens in the county to try to stop this from happening. I only hope they will succeed.


    No Laughing Matter -

    Mr. Owens’ recollection of this February’s Board of Commissioners meeting reminds me of the Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on first?” comedy routine.

    In his own words: “The purpose of having a CLOSED session is to permit me and my fellow commissioners to engage in FREE and OPEN discussions…” CLOSED OR OPEN? — Who’s on first?. And as long as the tax paying public (and other elected officials) are locked out, it is far from “FREE and OPEN”. (What’s the left fielder’s name? Why.)

    “Personality integrity and public trust” (Tell me the pitcher’s name.” “Tomorrow.”

    Political double talk. Funny stuff.

    “Personality integrity” and “public trust”

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