An idea for the New Year 2014

Published 6:41pm Tuesday, January 7, 2014

To the editor:
Let’s declare that the cup is nearly full, even if it has only a few drops.
As I review the stories in the 2013 year in review, I ponder the problems that seem to draw our attention. Frankly, the TDB 2013 in review was boring.
I am less concerned about the petty drug dealing and the vagaries of our county commissioners and more interested in the good that our citizens are creating in the world. I have been uplifted by the Saturday editions of the TDB, which seem to highlight good news. Let’s build on this theme.
Here’s an idea. Let’s give up on the notion that Tryon is a ‘retirement community’ and declare that we are an achievement community. Let’s celebrate more of the positive differences that are being made by the wise members amongst us who choose to make this a better world. Those who are ‘retired’ are still achieving, as are those who are still in the work place.
What’s right about Polk County? Let’s discover and display the successes. One of your new reporters, Kiesa Kay, is excellent in discovering the good. Have her write a positive news story every day. It’s there: we just need to shine a light on it.
I am less interested in the negative stories about those who are driving too fast, who are too drunk or who are too delirious from meth and other drugs. I am more interested to learn about how the wonderful people in this community – one drop at a time – are making this a better world.
If you shine more light on these ‘drops’ the glass will indeed fill up.
-Virgil Stucker, Mill Spring

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