The spirit of giving

Published 5:16pm Thursday, December 26, 2013

To the editor:
At this time of year there are so many worthy causes needing our attention. For reasons that are personal, we all have certain charities that receive most of our attention.
For me it is Wounded Warriors, anything to do with children and helping the needy as much as I can through my church.  Then of course, my number one priority is sick, injured, abused and abandoned animals.
I have three separate funds to handle my special cases: First is a personal fund: second is Lennie’s Fund Inc., a tax exempt to handle major cases; and third, Lennie’s Fund at Foothills Humane Society, also tax exempt.  It’s the FHS fund I wish to speak of, for over the years it has handled countless cases that no one hears about.  Many people contribute to my FHS fund trusting that I’ll continue to help shelter animals in need. Over the years there have two families and their foundations that have been supported my shelter fund from the beginning.
Richard and Barbara Belthoff contribute quarterly with a 50 percent matching gift from the Pliezer Organization.
Linda Monroe donates in honor of her mom and dad, Bernadine and Marshall Monroe.   Each $100 donation is matched five-to-one and Lennie’s fund at the shelter receives $600.  The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City has been on board since Linda has shared FHS Special Cases.  There are many others who have helped keep that fund alive, bless you all.
Often folks have asked for my phone number and address, so here goes, once again.
Leonard Rizzo
245 Ioka Hills Rd
Columbus, NC 28722
Give to those who are closest to your heart and if there’s a little left over, please remember my kids.  Peace and health to you all during this blessed season.
Your humble servant,
Leonard Rizzo

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