Adult day care needed

Published 7:10pm Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My heart is broken for all the caregivers who will not be able to take their loved ones to the Betsy and Don Freeman Adult Day Care in Columbus, aka Rutherford Life Services, Life Care Adult Day Health Center, etc.

The sudden notification of the closing of that facility, which was announced at the Polk County Commissioners meeting on Monday, Nov. 4, leaves a big void in Adult Day Care for the many area caregivers who used it and for those who did not even know it existed.

It was a delightful and a sorely needed facility, but I fear that it was a victim of being one of those “Best Kept Secrets.” In my opinion, it has had two strikes against it. One of the strikes is the use of several different and non-descriptive names, which did not give it a clear name identity. Secondly, with the absence of virtually any advertising makes it unknown to those who have needed it.

Since the building bears the Freeman name, I wish I could have helped them succeed. However, from the beginning Rutherford Life Service Inc. requested to go it alone.

They wanted no input, no volunteers, no “outsiders.” It was not a community effort. It was strictly a business that failed; a tragic loss.
Polk County’s need for an adult day care still exists.

– Betsy Freeman, Tryon

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