Faith can move mountains

Published 11:07pm Thursday, October 24, 2013

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks at the Rizzo household, but by the time you read this, Elaine, my forever bride, will be home.


Our daughter Kim is healing nicely, but she’ll be on partial duty until at least the first of the year.

At home I’ve been keeping an eye on Dolce, my 23-year-old Ossie cat who lost her older sister this year. Bruno, my big brindle Boxer, has developed arthritis and has been off his food a bit.

He’s been to Landrum Vet for a full bank of tests and I have what I need to help his quality of life. I don’t like to see the big fella slowing down and walking a bit stiff legged, but then again he probably could say the same of me.

So many people have stepped up for my kids after my Bark in the Park; my angels just refuse to let me fail. Bless you all.

While Elaine has been gone tending to our daughter, two trips were made to the Upstate Specialists.

Sasha the sweet Shepherd-Rottie mix, who was struck by a van, had the last plate removed from her hip. It’s been a long intensive healing process for her, but soon she’ll be running again as God intended her to do.

Mojo (Little Bear) has been through every test possible and nearly $3,000 has been spent on him and the first operation hasn’t been scheduled yet. Against whatever odds I face, I’m gonna win this one for that precious little boy.

I think The Boss on high sends me these cases once in a while to test my commitment and I will not fail again. Because of Mojo and Sasha, my major case fund has gotten dangerously low and I prayed hard for help.

Make no mistake, other cases have been handled also, including for Peggy, a dear old friend, and for Scrappy Doo, both at Bonnie Brae. Scrappy Doo will be next week’s tale, thanks to some great assistance from Angel and Ian at Bonnie Brae.

At my Bark in the Park a gentleman who’s been a previous supporter asked for my address for he had misplaced it.

A few days later I received a letter thanking me for the work I do and a check that was more than large enough to cover Mojo’s next operation.

I have since spoken with him on the phone and our love of the animals, along with our faith in the Lord has never been more evident. I told him that he has just answered my latest prayer.

“Lennie,” he said to me, “never be afraid to call if the need ever arises.”

I have a few people who’ve made that statement to me; I am truly blessed.

Thanks to all of you who continually support my kids with a special thanks to you, Jim.

After our phone call ended I thought to myself, “Why would I write, call or email for assistance when I have a much quicker and reliable way to reach my angels?”

Thanks for listening.

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