Saluda Community Land Trust fighting kudzu with goats

Published 4:46pm Monday, September 30, 2013

Though SCLT board members have employed human labor to control kudzu on small sites, larger sites require more aggressive action.

“Some of our sites were very large – acres,” said Anderson. “Our goal was to see all the different methods that were out there.”

Enter the goats

SCLT has partnered with Saluda City officials to bring the goats to the water treatment site. In addition, the Polk County Community Foundation has provided a grant to cover much of the expense.

To keep the goats where they’re most needed, Searcy created an enclosure of electric fence. Also within the fence is Samantha, a large dog, easy going toward humans, but on hand to keep potentially harmful animals out of the enclosure.

“The dog is the boss,” noted Anderson.

In any case, the kudzu won’t be.

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