A whole new world

Published 2:12pm Friday, September 27, 2013

All too often we look at things only through our own eyes, how we perceive things, how they make us feel.

I often try to see things through the eyes of the animals I deal with instead.

Our veterinarians and specialists do a pretty good job healing injuries and illnesses, but it is up to us to heal the psychological wounds animals often suffer through human hands.  Many times these animals believe that a life of abuse and neglect is simply the way it’s supposed to be. You’ve seen their faces on TV ads and even at our own shelter, that blank stare of hopelessness and confusion. When I worked at the shelter it was one of my greatest joys to witness that tiny light of hope begin to shine in their eyes.

Though we do not have a home thus far for Snickers, the Boxer-Pit from last week’s tale, I made it my business to make the time to pay him another visit. Besides the urge to witness his progress, I relished the chance to visit my dear friends, Jackie and  Richard, and their fabulous group of rescues. I never tire of entering a home where a group of dogs that enjoy my presence greet me at the door.

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