Seventeenth annual pleasure driving and dressage show Sept. 21-22

Published 11:05am Wednesday, September 18, 2013

At 9 a.m. Sunday, training, preliminary and intermediate dressage classes, start the day for Dede Bushneck. If competing in a combined test, competitors report to the timed obstacles ring. The combined scores will determine the ribbons.

But wait – what about that “Drive and Fly” mentioned earlier? Horses and ponies are judged at walk and trot in a “Drive and Ride” class. They leave to change their tack for riding and return for walk, trot and canter – either astride or sidesaddle.

During this tack change the VSE’s compete in harness. They then leave to prepare for the “Flying” part as, led by their drivers, they negotiate a series of obstacles that include teetertotters, jumps and even mazes.

Meanwhile, show organizer and secretary Margo Savage and her team of scorers calculate the winners of the various divisions, and fellow show organizer Jackie Lewis and her team set up the awards.

For more information about the Carolina Carriage Club, visit, or if you might like to push a cone or two call 828-894-2437.

– article submitted by Barbara Madill


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