Lulu pays Lennie’s Kids back

Published 10:42am Friday, September 13, 2013

Calls are being made and one way or another, what’s best for Holly will get done.

Between all of this, other calls and other animals are being seen and taken care of too. One in particular, Snickers, will be featured next week.

When I received the call that Lulu (once Coffee) wanted to see me, I was delighted. Lulu would be a perfect distraction from a hectic week. Beautiful Lulu is a success story personified; a wonderful dog in a loving family and all who meet her are instantly smitten.

Last Thursday after I brought Holly back from U.V.S., I went out to the Parker-Binns Vineyards to see Lulu who is now their official greeter.

“How’s my sweet girl?” I said upon entering. Lulu’s whole body shook with excitement and recognition as she came toward me bearing her teeth in a smile of joy. Only other dog owners who’ve witnessed this phenomenon will understand from whence I speak. I joyfully wrapped my arms around her and allowed her to thoroughly wash my face.

“We have something for you Uncle Lennie, so that you can help some of your other kids,” she seemed to say.

“I know sweetheart, Momma Karen told me,” I responded.

A portion of the sales from a nice red semi-sweet wine called Loco-Lulu goes towards Lennie’s Kids. From the size of the check I received, it’s doing well.

I was promised a check each month and was told a Loco-Lulu white is soon to come. As Karen handed me the check she said, “Thank you so much for Lulu Lennie, we love her dearly and could not think of life without her.”

“Thank you Karen, just seeing how happy she is makes me know she’s in the perfect home.”

“The wine is named after me,” Lulu chimed in. I patted her and laughed, “Of course sweetheart, that’s probably why it’s so good.”

The lows on my emotional roller coaster are sometimes sad and disheartening, but, ah, the highs, looking into the eyes of my magnificent kids and absorbing the love they show to me, it’s a blessing from God.

Thanks for listening.

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