Voter IDs and school bus stops

Published 8:48am Wednesday, September 4, 2013

To the editor:

In the nonsense Cooper spouts, in the Tryon Daily Bulletin on Aug. 28, page 8, we have to assume she’s talking about voter ID.

Getting an ID is free and needed for many things besides voting, yet voting is the only function objected to.

Considering there’s four years between presidential elections, there shouldn’t be any objection.  Let’s be really honest – the only reason anyone could object to having to ID oneself at the voting booth is because he wants to cheat.

Also, excellent editorial, in the Tryon Daily Bulletin on Aug. 28, page 8, obeying the school bus stop sign is extremely important.

But couldn’t there be a requirement that school bus drivers pull over now and then to let vehicles pass – say when 10 vehicles are piled up behind it?

- Don Ellenberger, Tryon


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