My Rojo: forever a lady

Published 10:43am Friday, August 16, 2013

“Donna,” I said, “I know the end is near, but if possible and no pain is involved, I’d like her to pass away at home.”

Donna tearfully nodded, gave me some pills to help her appetite and said, “Keep me informed daily, I’ll come to your house if needed.”

I thanked the doc and hugged her, having her there meant the world to me.

For the next few days Rojo barely picked at all her favorite foods and then turned her back to it all together. Her wobble became more pronounced as she walked but insisted on crawling in and out of her covered litter box. Her eyes were clear and she kept herself perfectly groomed. Though you could see she was failing, her outward appearance didn’t show it. It would be baffling to anyone who didn’t know her, but my Rojo was first and foremost a lady.

On Thursday evening she began emitting a low mournful meow and I know she was now experiencing pain and discomfort. She would calm down if I lay with her on her bed and would actually try to make a pretty for me. First thing Friday morning I brought her to the vet hoping perhaps it was just a blockage that could be treated. All test were ordered and Elaine and I came back to check on her at 11 a.m.  Dr. Raines came in the room and I knew by her demeanor that all hope was gone.

“She’s an amazing girl, Lennie, her eyes are perfectly clear and she’s well-groomed, all good signs. Lennie,” she went on, “her kidneys are completely shot and her blood count is five times the normal, I’ve never seen anything like it. She’s not showing it now but she’s in great pain.”

“I guess it’s time isn’t it, doc?” Donna just nodded, fighting back tears, “I’ll give her something to calm her and leave her with you to say goodbye.”

Rojo was brought back to me and I held her in my arms. Her little angelic face was looking at me with every ounce of love her tiny body could emit. I gently turned her upwards, “There you go darling, I’ll help you make your last pretty.”

All of a sudden Rojo began to purr and teardrops the size of marbles escaped from my eyes. I placed my cheek upon hers and whispered, “I love you too my darling, now and forever.”

Thanks for listening.

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