Kuettel headed to study abroad in Switzerland

Published 8:10am Monday, August 12, 2013

She chose to go to Switzerland because of family linkage; she thought it would be neat to experience a culture she’s connected to. Though Kuettel has family in Switzerland, this is her first time leaving the country besides a trip to the Bahamas. Kuettel said she’s most nervous about the language and school. She’s only studied German for three months, but luckily her host family speaks not only the German and French typical in Switzerland, but also English.

Kuettel chose to study abroad her junior. According to Krarup this is a common time to go.

“It depends on the kid; senior year is a good time to go. They go sophomore or junior year usually though, because it can be rough missing out on the senior year festivities and turning in college applications from abroad,” said Krarup.

Through orientation programs Kuettel is able to meet other students that have been to Switzerland, and she was able to ask the exchange students in her school about studying abroad.

This year the U.S. will send about 1,500 students abroad. According to Krarup, Europe is a very popular place to study among high school students exchanging through AFS, but a new program is being offered that gives a full scholarship to students through the Department of State to study in countries with less common languages.

For more information on studying abroad visit afsusa.org or nsliforyouth.org.

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