Auntie Peg
Auntie Peg

Midst great little ladies

Published 5:39pm Thursday, July 25, 2013

I’ve been asked often about little Jollie, the pup with the break in her growth plate.

She’s doing amazingly well and scampers around without the least sign of pain or discomfort. She’s a busy little girl full of life, love and herself. The odds of her keeping her leg has greatly shifted in her favor and should you decide to take her home, Dr. Raines and I will cover whatever the future holds.

Whatever it is, God certainly has given her the spirit to handle it; Jollie is a great little lady.

The yard workers spotted her lying motionless in a ditch. She was loaded with fleas and flies were beginning to hover. It seemed she’d already succumbed when a slight movement and a soft moan caught their attention. She was quickly scooped up and brought to the house where the owner rushed her to Landrum Vet. It was luck or providence that made the workers spot her for she wouldn’t have survived another day.  Animals will sometimes just shut down when they feel all hope is gone.

I met Auntie Peg the very next morning while visiting Jollie and learned her story. She is a Pekingese about six or seven years old. The fleas had done such a good job on her that you could see more pink skin on her body than you could fur. Her back legs were useless but I detected a look of hope in her eyes now that someone was caring for her.

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