Your rights shouldn’t violate rights of others

Published 9:29am Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I guess in Polk County, the county police will never have this power to use their heads. I was very disappointed by the attitude of the other commissioners at the meeting, they did not even have an open mind about this matter; they had their minds already made before the meeting ever started. I tried to present everything in a correct, open and honest way.

Some of the commissioners expressed the opinion that such an ordinance would be infringing on personal rights. I was taught in school that rights in a democracy also carry a responsibility to use them wisely. That means that rights are necessary, but they do not include actions that violate the rights of others by affecting their sleep, their health, their happiness and their general welfare.

Let’s hope in the next election, Polk County citizens will remember those commissioners who do not seem to grasp that concept and support candidates who show interest in the concerns of all the people of the county.

– Ronald Deal, Mill Spring

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